Partnership Opportunities
Web Hosting Partnership Program
The Web Hosting Partnership program is a simple, user-friendly solution for Web site hosting. Anyone who would like to host a Web site can use this solution. We help our hosting customers directly assemble and tailor their Web site to meet their individual needs. We provide all the tools, tutorials, and support to help manage, protect, monitor, and market Web sites. The Hosts of America solution requires little prior knowledge to implement. We stand by our customers by offering our competence and expertise throughout the entire process. Experience level can range from novice to veteran. Hosts of America is a simple, secure, and reliable way to take the stress out of Web site hosting. Take advantage of our Web Hosting Partnership and we will guide you through the entire process.
Reseller Partnership Program
Hosts of America's Reseller Partnership Program was created to give businesses the opportunity to expand their solution portfolio and offer Web site hosting to their customer base. Hosts of America is an easy and economical way for businesses to provide Web site hosting to their clients without incurring expenses typically involved. Businesses with little or no prior knowledge of Web site hosting are able to use the Hosts of America solution and with very little effort, provide it to their clients. The Hosts of America solution provides resellers with all the tools necessary to manage, protect, market, monitor progress, make adjustments, and examine market results for their clients. We urge you to become a reseller partner and increase incremental revenue with Hosts of America's hosting solution.
Referral Partnership Program
The Referral Partnership Program provides the opportunity for any Hosts of America customer to refer individuals or businesses to become partners with Hosts of America.