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Easy, reliable and affordable Web site hosting services, Web hosting at its best.
  • Easy to design, host, and market your own, Web hosting site.

  • Our Web Hosting Solution requires little prior knowledge to implement.

  • We assist our Web hosting customers assemble and tailor their Web hosting site.

  • Tools, tutorials, and support to help customers manage, protect, monitor, and market their Web hosting site.

Hosts of America offers three easy to understand, shared web hosting plans:
  1. Our Silver Web Hosting Plan is designed for those needing a full featured Web site, with easy to use management tools, without SQL database or ECommerce support.

  2. Our Gold Web Hosting & Database Plan includes all the features of the Silver Web hosting plan plus the power of MySQL Database support.

  3. Our Platinum Web Hosting & ECommerce Plan includes all the features of the Silver and Gold plans as well as a full service ECommerce storefront.

Easy to understand Web hosting plans that fit the needs of our customers.

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