Reselling Web Hosting Made Easy
Hosts of America has made life simple for businesses and individuals who would like to start a reseller hosting business. We have designed a comprehensive Reseller Hosting package that makes Web hosting easy and hassle free.
  • It's easy to become a Reseller Hosting Partner with Hosts of America and design, host, and market your own Web hosting business creating a source of incremental revenue.

  • We provide you with an economical way to resell Web hosting services.

  • Our Reseller Web Hosting Solution requires limited prior knowledge to implement. Experience level can range from minimal to veteran.

  • We assist our Reseller Web hosting partners assemble and tailor their Web hosting site to meet the needs of their customers.

  • Our Reseller Hosting Solution provides you with all the tools necessary to manage, protect, market, monitor progress, make adjustments, and examine market results for your customers.
Our Tools, Tutorials, and Support make it simple to run your own reseller hosting business.

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