Reseller Solutions

Reseller Hosting Features
  • Immeditate Plan Activation
  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Free 90 day startup assistance
  • Complete Automation
  • Billing Solution
  • Merchant Gateways
  • Private Label Resellers
  • Integrated Databases
  • Integrated Web Mail
  • Free Control Panel Site Manager
  • Free Site Studio Web Designer
  • Commerce Store Front
  • High Availability/Uptime
  • Quality Customer Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Add-On Services
  • Price Range $50.00-$150.00
Immediate Plan Activation
Get online and start working in minutes.
Easy to Setup and Configure
We provide you with the tools, tutorials, and support to make setup and configuration an easy task.
Free 90 Day Startup Assistance
If you need help during the initial setup and configuration of your reseller account, we at Hosts of America will assist you at no additional charge. You heard right, I said no charge. Our tools and tutorials will answer most if not all of your questions during setup and configuration. If you still need help, we will assist you at no additional cost. Hosts of America is big enough to meet your Web hosting needs and small enough to give you the personalized service you deserve.
Complete Automation
  • Automated customer signup
  • Automated domain registration
  • Credit card processing
  • E-mail customer and admin notifications
  • Fully automated account provisioning
Billing Solution
  • Setup, Recurrent, and Overlimit pricing
  • Taxes
  • Tax Exemption
  • Email Invoicing
  • Billing History
  • Suspending Debtors
  • Discounts for Different Billing Periods
  • Credit limit Changeable on User-by-User Basis
  • Refunds
Merchant Gateways
  • Immediate Support for more than 20 Gateways
  • Real-time Payment Systems
  • Web-based Payment Systems
Private Label Resellers
  • Full-featured Administrative Control Panel
  • Complete Branding
  • Independent Billing
Integrated Databases
Integrated support and management of MySql Databases. MySQL is one of worlds most popular databases, with more than 4 million installs. MySQL is recognized for its speed and reliability.
Integrated Web Mail
  • Imail
  • SqWebMail
  • Pop3
Free Control Panel Site Manager
The Hosts of America Control Panel makes your life easier by automating Web site management tasks. The Control Panel allows you to use a Web browser to manage your Web site. The Users version of the Control Panel makes your customers lives easier.
Free Site Studio Content Manager
You can use Site Studio as an additional means of adding content to your Online Store. Site Studio allows you to use a Web browser to design and construct a Web site with minimal effort.
Store Front ECommerce
You can offer your customers a feature-packed, out-of-the-box Store Front. With plenty of capacity the Store Front allows storeowners to setup, run, and maintain their Online Store with minimum effort and cost.
High Availability/Uptime
Hosts of America has a secure, fully redundant data center with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
Quality Customer Support
Our Customer Support is a key part of making your life easier. We pride ourselves in exceeding customers' expectations.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Hosts of America provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Reseller Hosting Add-on Services
Hosts of America knows that our Resellers need a complete solution. So, we provide our customers with easy access to Domain Registration, SSL Certificates, Merchant Accounts, and Web site Promotions.
Domain Name Services
A Domain Name will be needed to identify your hosting site to Internet shoppers. We at Hosts of America know how important it is to come up with the right name. That’s why we provide tools that will help you secure the best name possible.
Security Solution Services
Hosts of America offers our customers a variety of digital certificates, including QuickSSL™, QuickSSL Premium™ , True BusinessID™, True BusinessID™, and True BusinessID™ Wildcard to ensurepersonal information can not be viewed, intercepted, or altered.
Merchant Account Services
A Merchant Account is necessary to accept credit cards from customers that want to purchase hosting services. Hosts of America provides our customers an Easy-to-Implement and reliable Credit Card Processing Account Solution that delivers the most comprehensive online authorization and processing services in the industry.
Web Site Promotion Services
First, you need to create your own Web site. The next step is to promote your site and direct visitors to your Hosting services. Hosts of America can help you get the word out about your Web site. We can provide you with promotion ideas and top search engine placement.

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