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Hosts of America has formed a strategic alliance with two leaders in the credit card processing industry, e-onlinedata and Authorize.Net. This provides our customers an easy-to-implement and reliable Credit Card Processing Account Solution that delivers the most comprehensive online authorization and processing services in the industry. Hosts of America has taken the headache out of credit card processing.


Hosts of America has partnered with Authorize.Net as our Internet Gateway because of their global leadership in processing Internet credit card transactions.

To compete in the Internet and mobile commerce world, businesses need to process transactions quickly and securely. Authorize.Net's global payment solutions ensure both speed and security, providing:

  • Automated credit card transactions directly from your Hosts of America Commerce Website by integrating to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

  • Unlimited transactions from nearly anywhere in the world.

  • Scalability -- We'll grow with your business by supporting an unlimited number of transactions.

  • Authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions manually from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser.

  • Experienced technical support 7 days a week 363 days a year.

Authorize.Net helps more businesses process transactions via the Internet than any other payment solutions provider in the world!


Hosts of America has partnered with e-onlinedata because of their trusted industry leadership in Merchant Account processing. e-onlinedata provides:

  • Extremely Competitive and Guaranteed Pricing

  • Real Time Credit Card Processing

  • Easy, Step-by-Step Online Merchant Application

  • Speedy Approval of your Certified Internet Merchant Account

  • Reliable Credit Card Transaction Processing

  • Industry Leading Internet Gateway Authorize.Net

  • Experienced Merchant Account Technical Support Team

For e-onlinedata there is no company too large or too small. E-onlinedata has thousands of merchants varying in size from small startups to billion-dollar global corporations. So, it's easy to see that e-onlinedata has the Merchant Account solution just right for your company.

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