Sudden Problems Sending Email
In an effort to fight spam and control the spread of viruses, SW Bell now requires DSL users to send outbound mail through their servers. This policy has always been included in their Terms Of Service, but they just enabled it for the Oklahoma City area in early December 2004. They did not notify us in advance of the change, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

To find the correct settings for your account, visit Choose DSL, and the extension for the email address Bell gave you when you signed up. If you're not sure what it is, choose Click on Continue.

Choose "Problems Sending/Receiving" under the Email section. Choose "Port 25 Filters", near the bottom of the page.

Follow the instructions for converting to the SBC mailservers. They include fairly detailed instructions on where to find your settings and which server you should use based on your email address.

You will not need to change your POP3 settings.

If you don't know your email address and password, you can reach their DSL support at 877-722-3755. Tell them you need help setting your outgoing mail server, and don't know your password. They should be able to help you. Remember this is an outsourced call center, and they have a script they're going to try to follow. Please be patient with them.

After saying that, if the first line person can't get you working, don't hesitate to ask for Tier 2 support. If you still can't get your outbound mail working, please get the ticket number, and be sure to write down the email address and password they give you. Then call Hosts of America Technical Support at 405-384-3030.