True Site FAQ

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What is True Site?
True Site provides a simple way for your customers to view your validated organization information via a trusted third party. True Site will increase transactions and revenue by giving your customers the confidence and assurance to trust the identity of your web site. The result is a substantial increase in consumer confidence regarding your web site information, services, and/or products. Even if you don't have a web site brand name, True Site will let your customers know you are legitimate.

True Site, a patent pending "smart icon" that resides on a web page(s), independently identifies website is legitimate, authentic, and validated via trusted third party.
Why do I need True Site?
In a sea of over 30 million websites and over 1 billion web pages, it is very difficult for people to know who is legitimate and who is not. Most organizations on the web today do not have a brand name to overcome the odds of being 1 out of 30 million. True Site is a tool that your organization can use to substantially reduce these odds and set your web site apart from the crowd.

Organizations enrolled in True Site use their online identities to send these messages: True Site sets your web site apart, resulting in: If you are serious about your web site, you need True Site.
How does True Site Work?
True Site uses patent pending technology to create a "smart icon" that actively displays the identity of the organization behind the web site. When a customer clicks on the True Site "smart icon," the server performs a domain name lookup to verify that the user is clicking on a legitimate icon. Consumers, seeking to know and trust the web domains they visit, will know from the icon if the web site owner is a True Site member.
How do I install True Site?
Once you have enrolled in True Site, installation is simply adding a few lines of JavaScipt to each web page on which you want the True Site seal to appear. Click here for the full instructions.
What do I get with True Site?
True Site comes with annual unlimited use for each fully qualified domain name purchased for your organization.
How do I get True Site?
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